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Welcome to
Digital Solusi Prima

Our mission as a Private-Owned Defense Industry Company are
“Advancing Military and Police Operations with integrated Cyber Technologies”

High Profile Projects

We have been tested through different scenarios from military and police on defense and intelligence area.

Deliver On Time

Our delivery is based on Time, Quality and Cost. We managed all delivery on time and clear for audit.

Solution Driven Team

Our team are well tested through different implementation and challenges. We handle all clients with win-win solution.

Cyber Security

We have a complete suite of Cyber Security solution for Security Operation Center and Incident Operation Center. The products are listed as local development in Ministry of Defense and have been used by an elite cyber team.

Secured Messenger

We have a secured messenger application based on world renowned secured messenger equipped with chat room analysis.

Perimeter Surveillance

Smart Perimeter Surveillance

Our solution could combine from face recognition into object recognition. In security scenario of perimeter, outdoor, indoor and above building detection and monitoring.

Tactical System

Let’s work together on your
next ‘Cyber Defense and Intelligence’ project

We appreciate your valuable input and our products are always based on user’s story.